Bad camera is bad….
Could also be because of my light pencil lines..
So, again only a sketch which will be altered a little bit
But I’m pretty pleased with the concept and all uvu’

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7.What would they say is their favorite aspect about one another?

8.What is the most romantic thing they’ve ever done for each other?
    The most romantic huh..? Hmm, that’s not asy since they haven’t had many couple moments together yet…
But maybese these count:
    When Astarte was told that Sombre’s birthday was comming up in two days, she decided to cook his favourite meal him. So she asked his older brother Jean, who was currently visiting Paris due to business reasons what Sombre’s favourite dish was. Jean, always getting excited over those two agreed to help her organizing a great place for a candellight dinner in exchange for one single bite. She agreed to his condition and was also given a dress he designed (because he wanted a review for it and his model wouldn’t wear it).

    As for what Sombre did for her… He literally kidnapped her and went to London with her alone, so noone could bother them. Those two are always being interrupted when getting lovey-dovey haha.

9.What is their strongest point?
    Their innoccent relationship! They just have a pure romance without any dirty stuff (atm, ‘cause i don’t know if it’s still like that haha)

10.What problems have they overcome and what challenges lie ahead?
    Well, since Sombre is a vampire, he can’t go outside in broad daylight. And Astarte being a mere human girl(at least she thinks that) who has to attend school it’s not possible for them to spend much time together. At first they were both dragged along by their “boss” Comes to fight evil creatures, until one day Astarte collapsed because of the lack of sleep. So she got along with Magdalen to research about monsters during the day.
So Sombre decided to exchange numbers and spend time with her when it’s getting dark. And whenever they can’t meet they just text each other or have video chat’s via Skype haha.

    A challenge that lies ahead is that Astarte has to move to Wales because of her father’s work and a medical treatment for her eyes (which are red and she was told that it’s an illness. Which is not the case but she doesn’t know)

11.If one were to die, how would that impact the other?
    Astarte did almost die once in a fight… Comes tried to save her life by turning her into a vampire, but something went wrong and her condition only got worse. After being in a coma for almost 2 months she recoverd, still human.
Sombre was worried and got into numerous fights with Comes, blaming him for what happened and blaming himself for not being able to protect her properly. So if she were to die for real it would be worse.

    If Sombre were to die, Astarte would most likely lose her will to live, visit his grave everyday, helping Igor(Sombre’s butler) to keep everything clean. And she would cry lots of tears over him.

12.If you were to split them up and pair them with any other OC, who would they be and why?
    Hmm, another though question… As for Sombre I’m not quite sure…(the story lacks female characters ungh)
But Astarte would most likely be paired with Gregory, an exchange student from England, who has a huge crush on her. Why..? Uh, they have many things in common and are friends, so they understand each other quite well.

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  1. How did they meet?
  2. At what point was it clear that they had fallen in love?
  3. What were the circumstances of their first kiss?
  4. Think domestic. What is their daily routine like (re: chores, jobs, etc)?
  5. Do they have any children? What are their parenting styles like?
  6. Is there one dominant half of the relationship, or do they stand in mostly equal footing?
  7. What would they say is their favorite aspect about one another?
  8. What is the most romantic thing they’ve ever done for each other?
  9. What is their strongest point?
  10. What problems have they overcome and what challenges lie ahead?
  11. If one were to die, how would that impact the other?
  12. If you were to split them up and pair them with any other OC, who would they be and why?
  13. Are there any cute moments involving them that you want to get out of your head?
  14. How does their journey end? Does this love story have a happy ending, or will it all fall to tragedy?
  15. Draw your OCTP!









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I got Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.

Maybe I cracked the egg too fast.

I got Isabelle from animal crossing :o

I got Rogue Titan gettin’ krunk. I was not disappointed.






It’s 6 am and I’m drawing instead of going to sleep…
Those two dorks are my favourite at the moment
The first picture is a scene from a AU I’ve been working on~

Sombre (the guy) belongs to the lovely Dhirento <3


the real reason i like tall people

  • i aim to befriend them and slowly earn their trust so that they will carry me around on their shoulders

Old stuff is old |’D
I was bored and found this in my folder and finished it
Also.. did Amalia’s boobs shrink or is it just me, haha


Reasons why im a bad friend:

• i get too attached

• i will complain about all my problems to you

i will snap at you by accident one day, causing you to hate me

i need to be reassured periodically CONSTANTLY that you dont think im annoying

• i am annoying

• im boring

• i dont know how to keep the conversation going

• i get emotional after midnight and will probably tell you something that could make you think differently of me

Because you made that post where you were sad so HUGS FOR YOU <3
AWWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ; v ;” *cries* *hugs you back*
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Hugs, hugs, and more hugs (>*-*)>

E-eh?! O-okay, I love hugs! I’m just a bit confused with sudden hugs? Haha